Thursday, April 08, 2010

If you are bored.

If you are bored

and there's really nothing else to do

and you stumble onto this blog

thinking that one fine day I might post a reply

well you're right.

I know you're bored

so in order to feed you

no, no I have no stories to tell

instead you have to feed them.

Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm not ignoring my blog, it's just that I have nothing to say.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The 'W' word.

A few nights ago my mum came into my room and asked me to do some researching online.

For good diapers.

Can you believe it. =\

So I told her, well, it really depends on the kid himself, if the diaper is unsuitable, his skin will tell you that. So even if people rave over this brand of diapers it's no use if my nephew Ethan doesn't like it.

She said Ethan has been having some kind of rashes on his skin, and it also shows that the diaper was too tight.

So I asked her to get bigger ones.

She thought to herself, hmm, the biggest is XXL....

I asked her what size Ethan is wearing.

She said XXL.


I brought Ethan to preschool today, and had to get him off his pram. By doing that means I had to carry him up.

The teacher commented, wow you guys are great, you all are able to carry him.

I didn't know what to say.


I hope Ethan won't hate me for mentioning this on my blog. =Þ

Monday, November 16, 2009

Prawn risotto

One fine day when I went home and there was no dinner, I whipped up risotto - for the first time.

Heng it turned out well, there was no specific recipe to my tastes I could follow.

It was yummy! Hahaha. I'm gonna try with more ingredients next time. *rubs hands*

I know, I know, the colour isn't enticing.

But it's still nice okay. I only put four prawns for the entire serving which was enough for two.

I think I ate 1.5, my mum took the 0.5.

Ohhh my carbo intake =\

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm finding it hard to smile.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Why is this happening to me?

Monday, November 02, 2009


I busied myself in the kitchen yesterday for about 10 mins, sprucing up a really simple dish.

I still have the thyme sprigs lying around ma, so I went to look for recipes which used thyme.

And it was this marinated tomatoes dish. It wasn't exactly a recipe, it merely stated what was inside. So I put the ingredients in according to hweeling lo. And it turned out not bad, mum liked it.

I had the tomatoes with toasted baguette plus a smear of butter. YUMS.

I used cherry tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, brown sugar, thyme and garlic. Would love to put in green onions but I couldn't find them thus left them out. Leave the tomatoes in the fridge for at least four hours (I left them overnight).

But then again.

Maybe housewife isn't a correct term.


Yea, house-daughter it is.


Dinner at Yonghe

We had tau huay at Yong He which is located in Geylang Road/Geylang Lor 27A.

I didn't upload the photos here on fb cos there are only two photos.

Of the two I'm only gonna upload one.

And here's the one.

Just showing our spread.

And I really ate a lot sia. =X

无眠 苏打绿

This is a song by Sodagreen called erm, No Sleep. It's a song in 台语, the native dialect in Taiwan or what Singaporeans will blatantly put it as - Hokkien. Though I think linguistics wise there are some differences in pronunciation.

Maybe the band lacked a better word but I thought 'Sleepless' would sound better. Or 'Insomnia'.


I got this from the YouTube page of the MV:
這是一個愛情等待者的自我獨白,他無悔於等待,守護著愛。他希望 像鳥一般比翼雙飛,卻成為了失去水的魚。

Sounds cheesy right. But the song is really simple and nice.

I did some work last night (since I'm like a full-time house-daughter) and translated the lyrics the best I can. It was quite tough because I don't understand the dialect well in words! And how to pronounce too. Don't blame me if you still can't speak the words! I do not know phonetics well and doubt that all my readers know too. HAHA.

Hope this can help you people understand the song better! But there are parts that I still don't understand too. Ha.

(I typed out the lyrics from the lyric book in the album FEVER 夏/狂热)

kim na lee wui niu na hiang ni geng

zhio tio wun gun ni nong buay dang kun

连头毛拢没休睏 (亲像鱼死底花园)
lian tao meng nong bo hio kun (qin qio hee si di huay ngm??)
[连头发都没休息 (很像鱼死在花园)]

lee kum zai wun dui lee eh su liam

hee bang lee wu kum kuan eh bang

na leng lang zuay din deng lai hee jit gang

or xiong yi wa eh qeng ai

di lee eh sim gua lai

see mm see kou wu wa eh cun zai

hee wan nong di dan

wu see zun ma eh mm kum wan

shiu gong bei zho hui puay

kee jit eh sim tiong bee lay eh sor zai

sor wu eh yi cey

nong zong ga li kerng zho hui

希望你会当了解 (为着你 我一定等)
hee bang lee eh dang liao gai (wei tio lee wa yit ding dan)
[希望你会了解 (为了你 我一定等)]

我不管 多少时间 多少目屎 多少失望 来忍耐
wa mm guan wa zuay see kan wa zuay bak sai wa zuay see bong lai lin nai
[我不管 多少时间 多少眼泪 多少失望 来忍耐]

我不管 你当时会返来
wa mm guan lee dang si eh deng lai
[我不管 你几时会回来]

kee see wa ma mm zai yia

为怎样 为怎样 戆戆等待
wui zua yiu wui zua yiu gong gong dan dai
[为什么 为什么 傻傻等待]

你 是我唯一的爱
lee si wa wui yi eh ai

It's so nice.

And don't think you can use this to ask me go K, I won't. =Þ

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Roast chicken.

I'm officially unemployed for 4 months, unofficially unemployed for 6. Oh gawd. Maybe I didn't try hard enough.

I shall look into the official unemployment for some comfort for a while.


Since I had time on hand.

I made roast chicken.

Time spent in the oven was around two hours, when the recipe said 1 hr + 30 to 40 mins will do. The chicken just wasn't cooked thru enough.

And my oven was too small. =(

Small oven equals to lower heat and longer time taken when you are roasting a big batch of food. And I didn't have a roasting pan of the correct size too. Time to do some kitchen shopping.



As you can see here, the chicken was very near the roof of the oven.


This picture was taken the first time I took it out. It spent more time in the oven after that.

And the chao tah part was due to close proximity to the heating elements of the oven. Kinda sian about that.

But guess what.

It was damn nice lo. Seriously.

My family was raving about it, and we polished the entire dish clean.

No la, except for the onions and bell pepper and chicken bones.

Even my mum asked me to do it again some time.


Recipe from here but I changed a little stuff here and there.

And if anyone I know here needs a bunch of fresh thyme, they can get from me. I don't know what to do with the remaining bunch I have.

Saturday, October 31, 2009



Breathe in, breathe out.

I need to relax and calm down. Calm down calm down calm down.

And be brave!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I made breakfast for myself today since I had some produce lying around in the kitchen.

By the way, I had breakfast at 2 p.m. today.

So you know.


Scrambled eggs were made by following instructions from Jamie's Ministry of Food. They were great!

But a bit too much on the sausages though. Well they were small, I thought I'd double my usual intake. HAHA. Yea right!

Oh, the anal beings of this world.

I'm sure you know of people who are not very well-liked in general, because they have irritating/weird behaviours.

Sometimes I take pity on them, and talk to them to make them feel more accepted in the social sense.

However most of the time, being nice can backfire.

It was like, becoming a bait for them to irritate someone else.

For instance.

{LLC}~ 我终于看开爱回不来, 终究还是太晚明白, 最后还是放不开, 哭着痛着是活该. ~ says:
*but u not getting a job ??

erina says:
*of course i am

{LLC}~ 我终于看开爱回不来, 终究还是太晚明白, 最后还是放不开, 哭着痛着是活该. ~ says:
*hahaha .. but u like quite slack

erina says:
*ya i know

{LLC}~ 我终于看开爱回不来, 终究还是太晚明白, 最后还是放不开, 哭着痛着是活该. ~ says:
*slack and looking for a job like dun go together ???

erina says:
*it's the process can, the process, hello?

{LLC}~ 我终于看开爱回不来, 终究还是太晚明白, 最后还是放不开, 哭着痛着是活该. ~ says:
*oh ok ..

erina says:
*it's not like everyone is lucky and can get a job anytime he/she wants right

{LLC}~ 我终于看开爱回不来, 终究还是太晚明白, 最后还是放不开, 哭着痛着是活该. ~ says:
*all the best for ur slacking .. i mean job hunt
*actually wat job u looking for ?? u got a deg in science ???

I chatted with this person. And I usually will want to avoid talking to him as it wasn't the first time he irritated me. So after some time of ignoring him, I decided to be nice.

Now I know I should not be nice to him.

He deserves it.

The line 'all the best for ur slacking .. i mean job hunt' pricked too far into my nerves and I ignored him after that.

It's not like you're talking face to face you know, if you meant it to be 'job hunt', then you would've backspaced and replace 'slacking' with 'job hunt'.

Don't think that you're funny, because you're not.

And I'm gonna ignore him from now on.

When I don't ignore him, I'll be shooting him.

I don't care if I ate the mooncakes you made, because I've already shitted them out.

And cut your long hair, sucker.